LOCAL THREE - A Restaurant Review

Who wouldn't want to eat in this bar?
When I'm in Atlanta, I LOVE to go out to eat.  I tell you that in the same breath that I'll mention that my best friend's husband is an 
awesome cook and has access to some really fabulous seafood - the very best!  So, when we're eating together, it's usually a tough toss up between eating a 5 course meal (that can last hours) at their house in Buckhead or dining out.  However, on a (not so) recent occasion, my best friend and I decided to hit a new place (at the time it was), that neither of us had been to, Local Three.

The Guys!!
This place was opened by three locals ... Ryan Turner, Todd Mussman and Chris Hall.  Todd and Ryan are from Food Studio (and that pretty much explains why I LOVE this place, right there ... FS was one of my all time faves!), and Chris was the chef at the Sundial Restaurant.  Todd and Ryan are the fathers of the famed Muss & Turners in Smyrna.   I believe the three met at a charity event, and talked beer, wine and pig, and, while Chris was thinking about opening his own place, LOCAL THREE was born.   It's said that Todd & Chris = "Back o' the House" and Ryan = "Front o' the House", but I'll tell ya, they all three feel like the whole thing is their sole responsibility.  For instance, Chris has welcomed me at my table a couple of times, and came out to greet patrons I've sent in, too.  Good Folks, these guys.  
They've got a great thing going, driven by an awesome philosophy, which is, plain as day, out there for everyone to see:  People Matter Most.  Local is Priority.  Seasonal Makes Sense.  Authenticity Rules.  Quality Governs.  Delicious Trumps.  Pretense Stinks.  Comfort Feels Good.  Appreciation Tasted Better.  Prudence Sustains It All.

Get it?  WOW --- that right there makes me want to hang out with them (and eat, of course)!

So ... I decided that I'd let the rest of Atlanta have a taste of what I got and realize what a gem they have right there, on the northside of town, and wrote a review on YELP!  And wouldn't you know ... Chef Chris wrote me a nice little note back!  

Here's my review of Local Three:

They had me at their Daily Operating Philosophy.

Chef Chris Hall and Todd and Ryan (of Muss & Turner's) have this one NAILED!  They've opened Local Three in the old Joel location - but don't let that steer you away ... Fortunate to have a fab kitchen, I don't think they changed much there, but the decor was just so "last year", as was the food.  Local Three looks and feels not one bit like Joel, and I couldn't have been more impressed.   

I had the opportunity to visit Local Three last week and was completely blown away.  I consider myself a bit of a foodie, and have a discerning palate for all types of food - boiled peanuts and popcorn included.  Their bar "snacks" are fun, not fussy.  (yes, I said "boiled peanuts" - YUM).

The bar was warm, inviting, yet a little elegant.  PERFECT for a drop in drink, a drink before dinner and even dinner!  The selection of beer was outrageous (I was warned) as was the bourbon and whiskey list.  We chose a nice bottle of wine (I'm not too knowledgeable on the brown stuff), although, the cocktail list was also quite impressive.  The service, even though they were pretty tight, was awesome - I felt like we were the only two in the place - we never had to ask for a thing.

Our lobster gnocchi, grilled flatiron, pan seared (Georgia) trout, salads - EVERYthing - was perfect.

Atlanta needs more places like this.  The place is "just right" (which I think is what the boys want it to be).  It's a bit of a local place, a bit of a night out for dinner place, and even more so, a place you want to come back to soon.

Go.  Now.  Be prepared to "sit deep and stay long" - they live by their philosophy and they want to get to know you ... I can attest to this. 

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